Holmes Osborne, CFA from Osborne Global Investors, was our guest speaker at a recent meeting.  Holmes, who has a strong financial background, talked with us about the current market and gave his view of the near-term future outlook. His background as CEO of a financial planning company in California for many years gives him significant experience in helping customers with retirement planning and financial management.  He has been an expert speaker at many events and is a known consultant in the financial planning industry.  Holmes talked about the war in Ukraine and its effect on our economy and inflation, as well as the lack of supply resources causing our markets to head toward a recession.  He explained that the "Fed" has a big part to play in controlling if we go into a recession, how long it will last, and how deep it will go.
Holmes has been more cautious in his investment recommendations and how he counsels people on spending in the near term.  He also cautioned about shifting investments from stocks to bonds as bonds have also not been performing well in the last six months, and that certain types of bonds may not do well in a recession.  His recommendation is to speak with a trained financial consultant as their knowledge can help traverse the rough waters ahead.  Interested in learning more?  Reach out to Holmes at holmesosborne@holmesosborne.com or visit his website at www.holmesosborne.com