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Rotary Club Western Jo Co
KC Wine Co.
13875 S. Gardner Rd.
Olathe, KS  66039
United States
Your Invited to our Western Johnson County Rotary “Grow Our Club” Membership Drive Event rescheduled on Thursday evening, September 27, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at KC Wine Co.   We will have a challenge for you to bring as many guests as you can to help make this event not only a fun experience, but give us an opportunity to enlighten potential new members on the value of being a Rotarian.   We will offer free  tickets at the door for a drawing later in the evening, for the members who bring guests, as well as to the guests themselves to receive 1 of several bottles of wine we will be giving out later in the evening.    Take action this week to identify others that you know who may be great to add to our club and invite them to the event.    Bring your spouse or significant other and they will also receive a ticket for the drawing with the opportunity to win a bottle of wine.  
As for the event itself, it will be at KC Wine Co., 13875 S. Gardner Rd., Olathe, KS  66039  ( Google Maps Link ).    We will start with introductions, socializing and networking along with some significant appetizers and a glass of wine for those who want one.   We will then under take a Wine tasting with some food pairing.   The wine tasting, food (heavy appetizers) and a first glass of wine are at no charge as is the event itself, compliments of the WJC Rotary Club.   If you choose to have other glasses of wine or drinks, they will have a cash bar available.  Feel free to mingle.   We will then have more socializing and have our contest drawing for free bottles of wine towards the end.  You will need to be present to win.  Good luck to all!
We hope you take this opportunity to invite guests to our “Grow Our Club” event and join us for an evening of fun.   If you haven’t been to KC Wine Co. yet, I am confident you will not only like the wine, but you will have fun as well.   
We look forward to seeing you, spouse or significant other, and your friends interested in Rotary.
Gary Proctor, WJC Rotary Membership Chair