Our first meeting of 2024 was held at Coach's Bar & Grill in Overland Park.  The food and service was amazing!  THANK YOU to Coach's for welcoming our club in!
Even though she's been a Rotarian with our club for a few months now, we were able to officially welcome Patti into our club!  Welcome Patti! 
Our guest speakers were Tina Johnson and Dara Macan from Hope House Kansas City.  Hope House is a safe refuge for those trying to break the cycle of domestic violence.  Hope House provides support services that educate and empower those affected by domestic violence.  Some of the services offered by Hope House include safe shelter and offsite hotel placement, basic necessities, crisis intervention and support, life skills groups, therapy, court advocacy, transitional housing, and MUCH more!
Tina and Dara shared that domestic violence isn't always physical abuse.  Hope House defines it as "...an ongoing pattern of intimidating, controlling, and/or abusive behaviors that are used by one person to gain or maintain power and control over another person."  For many it's an ongoing cycle that may not be obvious to the victim.  Additionally, abusers don't fall into specific categories, so identifying a victim or an abuser can be difficult.
The good news is Hope House can help!  If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, PLEASE reach out to Hope House!  Their confidential 24-hour hotline is (816) 461-HOPE or visit their website at www.hopehouse.net