For our meeting this week, our club members toured Lenexa Fire Department Station #5!  
There are 3 shifts that work at the station, with each of the crews working a 24 hour shift.  Our walk through the station included seeing their kitchen and dining area, day area, sleeping rooms, weight room, and, of course, the firetruck!  They shared how grant money has allowed them to upgrade their equipment to help keep them and our community safe during a fire, accident, or other disaster.  An example they showed us was the personal thermal imaging equipment (smaller than a cell phone) each firefighter carries to help find someone in a smoke-filled room or dark place.
Our tour also included an overview of what areas Station #5 covers.  Did you know Lenexa Fire shares responsibility of Shawnee Mission Park with Shawnee Fire?  Emergency needs in the south half of Shawnee Mission Park will be handled by Station #5.  As such, they are equipped with an ATV that can be used on the trails to get help to people quickly.  Have you ever noticed numbered signs on the trails?  Giving that number to a 911 operator will pinpoint exactly where you're at to emergency personnel.
We wrapped up our tour by bringing dinner for the crews as a THANK YOU for the tour and for all they do to keep our community safe.  Dinner included homemade BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, smoked mac & cheese, chips, and more!  Thank you to the club members who made or brought something.
Our next club meeting is Tuesday 5/9 5:30p at the Blue Moose in Lenexa.  Our guest speaker will be Trey Meyer from 3&2 Baseball.  If you'd like to join us, please send us a message